Reviews & Testimonials

Heather Knight - Toyota 4-Runner owner

Recently, at work, I went out to my car only to find that when it started it made a terribly awful sound. Of course my heart sank, because just that morning it had been running fine. I called Imports Plus Automotive, where I had been having my oil changed since moving to Grandview. I explained the situation, and without hesitation, they offered their assistance, which was relieving that they were willing to see me during such a frustrating time, not to mention with only ten minutes notice. They quickly diagnosed my trouble as the result of someone stealing my catalytic converter. In the process, also damaged were some heating lines that were leaking coolant heavily. Needless to say, my car was not drivable and I am a community-based social worker, so my car is my livelihood. In the end, Brad and the team at Imports Plus were able to repair my car (very efficiently too), assist me with understanding my insurance claim, and making an otherwise inconvenient situation more manageable, and actually enjoyable. They have always been courteous, knowledgeable, informative, and I confidently believe that their customer service is the best I’ve experienced at an automotive business. It never fails that they will greet me with undivided attention when I enter their shop, no matter what they are doing, and within one working experience with them, it is obvious that they love what they do and are exceptionally genuine people. They offer the quality of a first-rate business, the dedication of a locally-owned business, and the integrity of honest people. This is priceless in the automotive industry and there is no doubt that I will be a long-time customer. Thank you for that guarantee!

Mark Decello - Corvette owner

I wanted to provide you with a mechanic that works on Imports as well as Domestic cars and is very trustworthy. I took my Corvette out of storage and took it to Byers Chevy, which I have done for 9 years, and THEY stated that I needed seals on the entire transmission. The car has 31,000 miles on it and every time I have taken it in to Byers I have had some sort of repair items - which I never questioned. Brad Harmer, however, is in the Executive Chapter of Am Spirit and I took my car to him and he advised on the topic of replacing the seals and replied it was normal moisture and dust adhering from storage. His opinion was that Byers was incorrect and seals were not needed for quite some time. When I told Byers this they stated well we just said moisture was present and recommended change even though it wasn't really leaking.

Caleb Chitwood - Honda Odyssey owner

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