Brake Repair

Brake Repairs in Columbus, OH

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Good Brakes are Everything

When you start driving, your safety is riding on fully functional brakes. Driving a car wouldn’t be safe without them! At Imports Plus Automotive in Columbus, Ohio, we would argue that they are one of the most important vehicle safety features. That’s why we dedicate our expertise to protecting them and the passengers of those vehicles. When we return cars to our customers to get them back on the road, we have to know that they will be safe to operate. That’s why brake checks are one of our top priorities. When those brakes are in poor condition, our ASE Certified technicians perform high-quality brake repairs. We specialize in sourcing original equipment and brake components for all makes and models, including imports. Our services protect optimal brake performance, vehicle safety, and value. There’s a lot riding on your car’s brakes. Make sure they are in proper working order with a visit to your local experts today!

Whent to Replace

While you might understand the importance of fully functional brakes, you might not be ready to pay for their replacement sooner than necessary, and you shouldn’t have to. Wanting to use your brakes until the last possible moment is just being efficient, but we don’t want you or your passengers in danger. To get the most out of your brakes without sacrificing your safety, work with the experts at Imports Plus Automotive. We can monitor the life left in the braking components and give you an idea of when to plan for their replacement. If you’re coming in for a wheel alignment, tire rotation, or any other basic maintenance service, ask our technicians to take a quick look at your brakes to ensure they are still good for future use. They’ll give you the reassurance to continue driving without fear. You can also listen for squeaking or grinding that indicates the parts are wearing out. That will also tell you when it’s time to schedule brake repair.

Schedule Brake Repair

Have you heard squealing coming from your vehicle’s brakes? That means it’s time to visit Imports Plus Automotive in Columbus, Ohio for brake repair! Our experts are on standby to provide fast service for drivers in our community. Head over to our facility at 1065 Ridge Street near Demary Trucking, for prompt, walk-in service. We’ll get you back on the road with fully functional brakes in no time! If you prefer to schedule your visit ahead of time, we are happy to work with you. Use our online scheduling system or call (614) 487-1600 to speak with one of our friendly staff members. We’ll get your vehicle set up for the services it needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!