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Timing Belt Repairs in Columbus, OH

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Timing Belt Replacement for All Makes

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive — domestic or import — hybrid, gasoline, or diesel — all of them will need timing belt replacement at some point. Timing belt repair is part of the factory scheduled maintenance for each vehicle. You can find more information about it in your owner’s manual. If it’s time for your service, make an appointment with the area’s automotive experts at Imports Plus Automotive in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2001, we’ve provided factory scheduled maintenance services and repairs for all makes and models both foreign and domestic. Our ASE Certified technicians can perform timing belt repairs in a breeze, making your experience simple and stress-free. We also guarantee our work with a 2-Year Warranty. Contact us today to reserve an appointment or learn more about your vehicle’s recommended service schedule. We can answer any questions you might have.

Avoid Engine Failure

Engine components don’t last forever. Your vehicle’s manufacturer understood this when designing your vehicle, and thoughtfully created a service manual that guides you through recommended repair schedules. They tell you how long the parts should last and when to replace them to avoid issues. In the case of the timing belt or chain, you’ll want to follow this recommendation closely, as its failure can be disastrous for your vehicle. The timing belt is responsible for coordinating the movement of key engine parts. If it breaks, your engine will fail with it, leaving your car at a standstill and in need of major repairs. All of this is completely avoidable with preventative care. Just change the timing belt before it fails! Contact Imports Plus Automotive to get your timing belt repair handled and prevent catastrophic engine damage.

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Is it time to get your car’s timing belt replaced? IP Automotive makes the process easy, starting with our convenient online scheduling system. Use the tool on our website to book an appointment that fits your schedule and rest easy, knowing that your vehicle will soon get the professional care it needs. You can also call us at (614) 487-1600 to speak with one of our friendly staff members. They can help you book and answer any questions you might have. Maybe you want to handle your timing belt repair on your way home from work. We always welcome walk-in customers! Drop-in when you are in the area and cross off vehicle maintenance from your to-do list. Our team can handle everything your car needs all at once to save you time. Find us at 1065 Ridge Street near Korda/Nemeth Engineering. We look forward to seeing you!